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Soul X-Shock Review: How Good Are Wireless In-Ear Headphones Really?

Wireless in-ear headphones were initially a niche product that received little attention. It was Apple that freed these headphones from their shadowy existence, which were particularly advantageous for athletes. Since the US company launched such headphones on the market, they have been known and loved by prospective customers all over the world. Numerous manufacturers followed suit and also launched wireless in-ear headphones on the market. Soul also presented such headphones with “X-Shock“. We’ve put them through an extensive test to determine what the X-Shocks have to offer and who they’re suitable for.

Design and Workmanship

There is not much to say about the design of these headphones. These are classic wireless in-ear headphones. In this respect, Soul does a lot right: the headphones are not particularly eye-catching and are practical. Compared to wired in-ears they are of course a little bigger, but not yet so that they would attract attention negatively. We classify the workmanship as good. We cannot find any real weaknesses or points of criticism here.

Soul has created quite robust headphones with the X-Shocks and exclusively used high-quality materials. Both headphones are equipped with blue flashing LEDs. These light up regularly during operation and are intended to make the athlete quickly visible even in the dark. With this function, the manufacturer shows that he understands the needs of his target group. They can also be switched off, but are active again the next time the headphones are switched on.

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SOUL X-Shock- kabellose In-Ear Sport Kopfhörer mi
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