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Soul X-Shock Review: How Good Are Wireless In-Ear Headphones Really?


The wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth 5.0. This did not work without problems in the test. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the connection was perfect. The signal could be maintained over distances of seven to ten meters. With the Huawei P20 Pro, however, we had strong connection problems. Even though we haven’t had any problems with the smartphone with other Bluetooth devices yet, it seems that there are often problems when connecting Bluetooth devices with the Huawei P20 Pro. Since the connection with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was flawless, it seems to have been the smartphone.

Once the headphones are removed from the cradle and turned on, they can be found on other Bluetooth devices. The smartphone displays the headphones directly as a nearby device. Once a connection has been established, this is done automatically as soon as the two devices are close enough to each other. If the headphones are placed in the charging station, the connection is automatically disconnected. The in-ears are then in a kind of standby, because when they are removed they switch on again immediately.

In the test we had no problems with establishing and disconnecting the connection.

Wearing comfort

Despite the rather clumsy design, the Soul X-Shock are easy to use and sit quite firmly and comfortably. When used for the first time, they don’t look so clunky when worn.

I was stuck with the in-ears, and I wasn’t afraid to lose them. That happens quite rarely with me, because in-ears usually sit rather badly with me. Since each person has a different ear shape, however, no general recommendation can be made here and you simply have to try it yourself.

Suitability for Everyday Use

The headphones should be suitable for everyday use primarily because of their water-repellent properties. So sweat and rain should not cause them problems. The test showed that the headphones can actually withstand these stresses. However, since the manufacturer recommends letting the handset dry for 24 hours afterwards, there is no feeling of security here either. The receivers are also not suitable for swimming. So if you really want absolutely waterproof headphones, you should look elsewhere.

In addition, the headphones were noticed negatively in everyday life due to hardly any noise shielding. Of course, it makes sense – especially as a sportsman – to get a glimpse of the surroundings. After all, noisy cars, sirens and the like should not simply be faded out. However, it is rather unpleasant to be distracted from one’s own music on the street by other people’s conversations. The Soul X-Shock offered almost no noise shielding in the test, which is a pity.

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