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StarTech USB-C Capture Device Review

Content-Creators of this world want to keep their production as high as possible, therefore there are different hardware solutions. In order to deliver the best possible video quality, many people rely on extra computers for their recordings. In order to realize this solution, a device is necessary to transport the image from the game computer to the receiving computer. We have tested such a device with the StarTech USB-C Capture Device.

Equipment: Connect and go

With the Capture Device everything necessary is included. For the input a HDMI cable is included, for the output the USB-C cable is also included. If no USB-C is available, a connection cable for USB-A (3.0) is also included.

Now it’s time to plug it in. As expected, we have connected the source to the input via HDMI. On the other computer we plug in the USB-C cable and a 3.5 mm jack cable for the sound. This completes the wiring. The setup of the image as well as the recording is carried out in the test via OBS and also via the in-house software.

The StarTech Capture Device is simply silver. The logo is on the front side, the back side contains only rough information about the product and the serial number. With the dimensions 28 x 92 x 58 mm and only 88 grams the device is really handy. Otherwise there are no displays or LEDs showing the status.

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