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SteelSeries Apex 7 Review: Gaming Keyboard with OLED Screen


Settings can be made using the engine software available free of charge on the manufacturer’s website. In this very clearly arranged software, which we have already tested several times, it is possible, for example, to adapt the lighting of the Apex 7 to your own wishes.

However, the lighting options offered are very diverse. Users can choose from a pool of several million colours and numerous predefined reactive effects. In addition, the software allows the lighting to be synchronised with that of other SteelSeries devices. In this way, large-area and extremely eye-catching colour effects, including mouse and keyboard, can be applied to the desk.

We liked the engine software in the test. We found our way around within a very short time and found all the relevant setting options in no time at all. As always, we particularly like the apps and the program library, which allows us to automatically load a different profile depending on the application.

Practice Impressions

In the practical test, Apex 7 made a good overall impression. The switches reacted quickly and enabled quick reactions, which is very important in the gaming sector. Speed is also noticeable outside the gaming sector: Typing e-mails, for example, is very easy with Apex 7. The operating force required during use is comparatively low, which turned out to be very comfortable in the test – we never had to hammer the keys to cause a reaction. Some users will certainly be bothered by the high keys that are common on mechanical keyboards. The palm rest, however, is a remedy.

This palm rest proved to be a very useful utensil in the test. It is very pleasant to use, easy to assemble due to the magnet used and significantly increases user comfort.

We were also impressed by the visually very appealing lighting. The various effects and options could be easily adjusted in the engine software.

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SteelSeries Apex 7 - Mechanische Gaming-Tastatur - OLED Smart Display - Rot Schalter - Deutsches QWERTZ, Layout, Standard im Preisvergleich

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