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SteelSeries Apex Pro – The Keyboard with Adjustable Trigger Point under Test


The Engine, the corresponding driver software from SteelSeries, offers countless possibilities to influence the keyboard. Here the illumination can be adjusted completely individually. From the individual illumination of each key to sensational effects, everything is possible. In addition, it is possible to set the required trigger point for the switches – also for each key individually. But only for the 62 most important keys (see screenshot). The software is clearly arranged and can be operated intuitively.

Practice Test

Of course, we have not only closely examined the Apex Pro, but have also tested it in practice. Here it turned out that the regulation of the necessary key pressure is actually very meaningful. The trigger point at 0.4 millimeters is particularly suitable for fast games in which reaction speed is important. The disadvantage is that keys are often pressed unintentionally, the pressure of which leads to unwanted actions when triggered so quickly. Here, the possibility of defining an individual trigger point for each key provides a remedy: Keys such as “W”, “A”, “S” and “D” are frequently required and can trigger at 0.4 millimetres. The surrounding keys, on the other hand, are used less frequently and may lead to absolutely undesirable actions if accidentally pressed – their trigger point can therefore simply be set higher.

We experimented a little with the different trigger points and were really satisfied. The keyboard can be adjusted to fit perfectly and can therefore meet a wide range of needs. By the way, the purchase is also worthwhile if it is to be used more for office applications – typing tasks are completed faster when the trigger point is low, as the keyboard registers every light touch immediately.

We also noticed that the keys are very quiet. They don’t make any noise when triggered. SteelSeries relies on a linear switching characteristic, the pressure force of which does not change even when the trigger point changes.

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