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Streacom DA2: Compact Aluminum Case Tested

After the Kolink Rocket and the Raijintek Ophion the Streacom DA2 is now the third case we are testing that tries to fit an ITX system with graphics card into as little space as possible. However, unlike the Kolink and Raijintek models, Streacom’s DA2 is not special to the company: Streacom’s products are all concentrated on the most compact dimensions possible, are based throughout on a lot of aluminium and do without optical gimmicks such as windows or LEDs.

The new DA2 is no exception: the 220 Euro case is made entirely of aluminium on the outside, and buyers can choose between a light grey and a black version. In this test, the case is treated in black, but the difference between the two models is only the color.

Inside the DA2, an ITX mainboard with dual-slot graphics card, an ATX or SFX power supply as well as various drives can be accommodated. The SFX-L middle path is also supported, which combines a small volume with a large fan and thus low operating noise.

Optionally, a rear fan can be installed in the DA2 and numerous other components – including additional fans – can be mounted on freely adjustable rails. In contrast to some other representatives of such compact cases, the DA2’s interior design is quite classic: A riser card is not used, only the power supply is connected via an extension cable and, together with the drives, mounted behind the front.

The limitations for coolers and graphics cards are surprisingly good-natured, despite the compact dimensions: According to Streacom, CPU coolers can be up to 145 millimeters high, giving you the choice between almost all available top-blow coolers and low tower coolers. The length of the graphics card is limited depending on the power supply unit: In combination with an ATX power supply unit, it may be a maximum of 220 millimetres long; anyone using an SFX power supply unit has up to 330 millimetres available.

Technical Details

Model: DA2, black
Housing type: Mini-ITX Gaming Housing
Dimensions: 180 x 286 x 340 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 3.9 kg
Volume: 17.5 litres
Material: Aluminium, steel
Color: Black
Front connections: 1x USB Type C (3.0 / 3.1)
Drives: Variable Number 3.5″ / 2.5″, see instructions
Extension slots: 2
Mainboard: Mini-ITX
Ventilation: Number of variables. Maximum: 1x92mm (rear), 1x180mm (side), 1x140mm (cover)
Max. CPU cooler height: 145 mm
Max. Graphics card: 330 x 150 x 50 mm (WxHxD)
Power supply unit: ATX or SFX(-L)
Price: € 219.90 (silver), € 221.19 (black)

Packaging and Scope of Delivery

Streacoms DA2 is supplied in a black cardboard box with outer packaging and a carrying handle. The housing is damped by foam and protected by a fabric bag.

The case comes with all the screws needed for installation and a detailed illustration guide showing the various possibilities of the case. We would also like to see accessories of this quality from other manufacturers.

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