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Testing the Genesis Krypton 770 Pro(?) Gaming Mouse

Conclusion on the Genesis Krypton 770 Gaming Mouse Test

So let’s get this all together. The multitool itself sets the whole product apart from the crowd and offers the customer something new. But what about the mouse? The simple design of the Krypton 770 isn’t particularly striking, but it fits well into the overall picture. The equipment is more than sufficient. Especially since all seven keys can be programmed, there is enough room for maneuver. It’s a pity that the software is only available in English, but it’s so self-explanatory that you can overlook it.

Genesis Krypton 770

In practice, the mouse proves to be a good companion and can withstand any load in the game. Longer playing is also no problem at all. Therefore, we can only recommend the mouse and if you can’t decide, then the multitool is perhaps the decisive factor after all.

Genesis Krypton 770

Value for Money

Simple, but high-quality mouse including multitool.

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