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The Professional Mouse for Marathon Gamers: Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O

Glorious PC Gaming Race presents Model O, a gaming mouse optimized for professional use. Particularly striking are the many honeycomb-shaped openings, which not only reduce weight but also provide good ventilation for the hands. Technically, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse features a high-quality 12,000 DPI optical sensor from Pixart, durable Omron switches and impressive RGB lighting.

The special feature of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse are the honeycombs on the top and also on the bottom. They significantly reduce the overall weight of the mouse, which is only 67 grams. The honeycomb pattern not only gives the mouse a unique look, but also allows a glimpse of the mechanics inside, which are highlighted by adjustable RGB LED lighting. At the same time, they ensure good ventilation of the hands.

The features of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse at a glance

  • Precise tournament gaming mouse with ergonomic honeycomb surface
  • handheld operation, six programmable buttons
  • High accuracy optical sensor with 12.000 DPI
  • 1,000 Hz polling rate and one millisecond response time
  • suitable for accelerations up to 50 G
  • Super gliding mouse feet and highly flexible cable
  • RGB LED illumination

The shape of the mouse is designed for ambidextrous operation, with the hand resting on the mouse in as natural a position as possible, reducing the strain on the fingers when pressing the buttons and avoiding unnecessary movement. Long gaming sessions are therefore no problem due to the ergonomic shape of the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O gaming mouse. The side buttons are both located on the left side to keep the weight low.

The mouse is designed for very fast movements, as they are made by professional gamers. To make this possible, the Model O features large Teflon glides that ensure smooth movement regardless of the surface on which the mouse is used. In addition, there is the braided cable that Glorious PC Gaming Race developed itself. The low weight and impressive flexibility of the cable make the Model O look like a wireless mouse. Overall, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse is the perfect gaming peripheral.

The new Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming mouse is now available in black or white for 49,90 Euro (matt) or 54,90 Euro (glossy) at Caseking.

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