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The Sharkoon Light² 200 in the test: Ultralight gaming mouse at E-Sport level?

The lightest mouse from Sharkoon

With the Sharkoon Light² 200, the peripheral manufacturer is bringing its lightest mouse to date to the market. At a mere 62 grams, it undoubtedly deserves its place in the ultra-light gaming mouse category. But the low weight is not by chance. A glance at the mouse makes it clear that Sharkoon also relies on a design that is very holey. Thanks to many small holes in the form of honeycombs, the manufacturer has been able to save even the last gram of weight.

With holes in the form of honeycombs, Sharkoon has saved even more weight.

The design

Many manufacturers of ultra-light gaming mice rely on a hole-in-one design. This saves even the last grams of weight. However, this design is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Sharkoon has taken precautions here. Thanks to the exchangeable top, the open design can be somewhat more closed. For this, however, one must accept three grams more weight. Whether this will ultimately have a noticeable effect when playing is doubtful, at least in the casual gaming sector.

The perforated top side can be exchanged.

The form

As is usual for an ultra-light mouse, the size of the Sharkoon Light² 200 is comparatively small. But it is by no means too small. Its total length of 120 mm seems to be optimal, at least for average hand sizes. Here Sharkoon comes into its own. After all, ultra-light mice are unfortunately often so small that playing with them requires a great deal of adjustment. When I held the mouse in my hand for the first time, the ergonomic form immediately struck me. It fitted perfectly to the palm of my hand. However, the mouse can only be operated with the right hand. As a result, left-handed people unfortunately do not enjoy the optimal ergonomics.

Compared to my Logitech MX Master the Light² 200 is small and handy.
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