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The Ultimate Headset? – The beyerdynamic MMX300 (2nd Generation) Reviewed


beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen.2
beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen.2 in side view

The most important question is of course the sound. If the “MMX300” can’t score here, a large scope of delivery and a great workmanship don’t matter either. So I’ll make it short and give the all-clear. The sound the headset produces CAN be impressive. If the headset is connected to a high-quality playback device such as a HiFi system, it sounds bombastic. Then the balancing act between powerful basses and well-dimensioned mid-range and treble is perfect. At the same time, the “MMX 300” always manages to maintain an unstrained impression, up to very high volumes. It can play to its strengths especially in jazz and classical music. Electronic music also sounds very good, but is not the showcase discipline of this headset.


beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen.2
The microphone can be placed in any position through the gooseneck

Due to its lightweight construction and large ear cushions, the headset can also be worn over long gaming sessions. However, there is potential for improvement in the choice of upholstery. The foam used is rather solid, so the use of memory foam would provide additional comfort. Apart from that, however, there is nothing to criticize. The sound quality of the microphone is excellent and the gooseneck mechanism used allows it to be optimally aligned. The microphone is even suitable for recording podcasts or Let’s Plays.

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