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TP-Link Archer VR600v Review: Router for Internet, Telephony and Entertainment

Hardware of the TP-Link Archer VR600v

TP-Link Archer VR600v in the box

TP-Link relies on a classic design for the VR600v. The router is all made of plastic, some with high-gloss elements. Thanks to the strong perforation of the matt plastic elements, air circulation is improved. The VR600v also needs this for its considerable performance. Theoretically, it can achieve up to 1600 Mbit/s via WLAN. Therefore there are three antennas on the backside of the Router. If necessary, these can be removed or exchanged for others.

TP-Link Archer VR600v Phone and USB Ports

As you can see on the pictures, the router scores with the possibility to connect two analog devices. In addition to two telephones, these can also be fax machines or answering machines. In addition, up to six cordless CAT-iq2.0 or DECT-capable telephones can also be registered on the telephone system, which can be used for Internet telephony.

TP-Link Archer VR600v with four LAN- & WAN-connections

The 4 Gigabit LAN ports provide the ultimate gaming and streaming experience on wired devices. These are 4 times faster than standard Ethernet. Thanks to the two USB 2.0 ports of the TP-Link Archer VR600v, files, music, photos and videos can be easily shared on external media and quickly on the network. A printer can also be connected and used in the network.

The control buttons of the TP-Link Archer VR600v

There are some physical buttons on the left side of the device. In detail, these are the on/off switch, the reset, WPS, WLAN and DECT button. Above the router additional LEDs are mounted, which shine discreetly.

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