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Trekstor Surfbook A13B Review: Light, cheap & good?


The notebook’s display measures 13.3 inches in the diagonal. With a FullHD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) the resolution is sufficiently high. All images are sharp, colors and contrasts are good. For the average user, the display of the surfbook should offer everything that is needed.

The built-in average display can certainly not meet the highest demands. However, this cannot be assumed for a comparatively inexpensive model. The Surfbook A13B with its display is one of the stronger models in its price range. It does not have to be measured against much more expensive devices.

Those who know that they can’t expect the very best display will be satisfied with the Surfbook’s display. Perhaps the average user is even pleasantly surprised by the clear contrasts and pleasant colours with sharp display at the same time. We can’t find any points of criticism and certify the Surfbook A13B by Trekstor an excellent display.


In addition to the display, the device of course has numerous other features. These include, for example, the built-in stereo loudspeakers, which we noticed positively in the test. Thanks to these speakers, the notebook is also suitable for playing music or movies – in combination with the display already described in more detail, the speakers for the latter purpose provide the best conditions. The quality of the loudspeakers is again extremely good for the price range.

The notebook is driven either by a “Pentium Silver N5000” processor from Intel in combination with the graphics chip “UHD Graphics 605”, or by the “Celeron N4000” processor, also from Intel, supported by the graphics chip “Graphics 600”. The first, somewhat more powerful processor is clocked with a maximum of 2.7 GHz. In both variants there is 4 GB of RAM available, which is quite good for a mid-range model.

The internal memory of the device is 64 GB, which is comparatively small. The vast majority of other notebooks offer significantly more internal memory. Users of the surfbook may be faced with space problems if they want to store a lot of data. However, the M.2 SSD slot, which allows the installation of a second storage medium, provides a remedy here. If the internal memory is not sufficient, which is likely for frequent users with a lot of data, the problem can be solved. On the negative side, however, the purchase of a second SSD could be a costly affair. Fortunately, however, prices have been falling for some time now. The price is expected to halve again in 2019.

However, the notebook offers sufficient connection options. Especially for people who want to use the device for professional purposes such as presentations or the like, the offered selection of slots is a real advantage. The Surfbook has not only two USB 3.0 ports, but also a mini HDMI port. The latter is not a matter of course for laptops of this kind. The built-in card reader may also seem practical to some users – among other things, it facilitates the quick use of data stored elsewhere. The front camera and microphone are also useful for professionals. These two components of the Surfbook also make it suitable for video conferencing. In the professional context, the device can score in any case. A negative note is the truly weak resolution of 0.3 megapixels – a value that is absolutely not up-to-date or appropriate.

Furthermore, the Surfbook is equipped with dual-band WLAN with 2.5 and 5 GHz and a Bluetooth interface with Miracast option. The 4,600 mAh battery is large and lasts a long time. So if you want to use the device on the road, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice after a short time.

Another positive aspect is the fact that Windows 10 is pre-installed. The restrictive S mode can be easily switched off. A one-year Microsoft Office subscription is also linked to the Surfbook – a real plus.

The features of the Surfbook can be described as usual on the market. It does not have any outstanding features. At the same time, however, all the essential components of an average notebook are present. Only the low storage capacity is noticeable negatively. It can be compensated by the installation of a second SSD, but this compensation is associated with additional costs for the user and the cost of purchasing the second storage medium.

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