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Trust Gaming – The GXT 940 Xidon gaming mouse in test

With the GXT 940 Xidon RGB gaming mouse, there is now another option in the huge market of gaming mice. Yes, the market is very big and there is a mouse for everyone. However, this also means that there is a very large selection when buying a new mouse. We want to take a closer look at the Trust Gaming GXT 940 Xidon RGB gaming mouse.

GXT 940 Xidon

Design and workmanship

The design of the GXT 940 Xidon is kept in a rather simple striped look. There are small stripes on both the thumb side and the other side, which are let deeper into the case and therefore also offer a good grip. In addition, the middle stripes are also highlighted by RGB lighting, while the others stand out with a glossy surface. On the back of the mouse is the Trust GXT logo, which also attracts attention with RGB lighting. But that’s not all there is to RGB. The mouse wheel has a rubber coating for better handling, but the edges are completely covered with RGB lighting.

GXT 940 Xidon

The processing that Trust brings here at the GXT 940 Xidon to the customer is flawless. No matter where you start, there are no unwanted gaps or unevenness in the transitions between two surfaces. If you wanted to grumble on a very high level, you could complain that the mouse wheel button triggers easily when you have actually moved the wheel to the side. But whether this really bothers someone, we dare to doubt.

Features and technology

Let’s take a closer look at what the GXT 940 Xidon has to offer. The heart is the optical sensor PMW3325. With adjustable DPI between 200 and 10000 it is ready for every wish. But a small disadvantage is that the DPI can only be adjusted in steps of 10000, so you lose some flexibility, but this should not cause any problems. The polling rate can be adjusted to 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hertz.

GXT 940 Xidon

Trust’s gaming mouse offers a total of eight buttons, all of which can be adjusted in the software, giving you the greatest possible flexibility. But we’ll get to the software later. With the default settings, the buttons on the back of the mouse can be used to switch through the preset DPI values.

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