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Tt eSPORTS Iris Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Review

With the Iris Optical RGB, Thermaltake’s Tt eSPORTS has launched a mouse specifically designed for gaming. What the Iris Optical RGB can do and if it really works in gaming for only 30 Euro, we have tested for you.

Design and Workmanship


The design of the Iris RGB is simple. The RGB logo on the back of the mouse and the RGB strip, which runs completely from left to right, catch the eye directly. The left and right mouse buttons are not connected to the back of the mouse, resulting in an angular design. Also the rubberized mouse wheel and an additional button behind it are clearly separated from each other. The sides were not rubberized, but provided with a hexagonal pattern to provide the necessary grip. On the left side there are two thumb buttons that adapt to the rest of the design.

The workmanship of this gaming mouse from Tt eSPORTS is almost flawless. It looks high-quality, even if unfortunately hardly rubberized surfaces are present. In addition, the transitions between the individual surfaces are not all on the same plane. But it’s not really disturbing.

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