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Tt eSPORTS Iris Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Review


As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Iris RGB is designed for right-handed users. Although the feeling varies from person to person, it can be predicted that it is not intended for big hands. I don’t have big hands as the tester, but the mouse didn’t lie well in my hand and after a long time it became a little exhausting to hold the mouse. Ergonomics is therefore the biggest weak point of the Iris RGB for me. This doesn’t have to be the case with you, just try it out.



The Command Center Pro software allows you to customize the functions of the mouse. For each of the five profiles, all buttons can be set as required. However, even the software makes sure that it remains operable, so the left mouse button cannot be changed without assigning this function to another key. However, the individual functions are very nested. If you do not know what you are looking for, it can take some time until the desired function is assigned. Of course, macros can also be placed on the keys.

You can also program your own macros in a special tab. In addition to the key assignments, the RGB lighting can also be adjusted almost at will. There are various effects and you can adjust both the speed and the brightness in three levels. In the last tab you can set the DPI. In steps of 100 DPI you can choose between 100 and 5000 as you wish and store up to four steps per profile. Except for the assignment the software is designed very simple and you find your way around well.

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