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Western Digital My Passport SSD with 512 GB Under Review

Western Digital” has not been producing HDDs exclusively for quite some time. With the “My Passport” SSD the first external SSD of the manufacturer appeared some time ago. Our detailed test report will clarify whether the company, which was previously successful in the HDD sector, can now also score points with its first external SSD. For this purpose, we have examined the 512 GB model of the “My Passport” SSD with a recommended retail price of around 190 euros (currently: € 94.99).

Design and Workmanship

The external SSD of “Western Digital” is small and compact, which can be an advantage. In the test, with its dimensions of 45 x 90 x 10 millimetres, it can be accommodated well in any case. It fits in any jacket pocket and is therefore extremely easy to transport. It is not so small that it could be overlooked or forgotten.

By the way, the SSD is completely made of plastic, which is a bit of a pity at first. However, the manufacturer ensures with the design that the SSD looks rather high-quality. So it is divided into two halves. One of these two halves is matt black, while the other is visually reminiscent of brushed metal. Here “Western Digital” proves good taste and skill – the SSD imitates higher quality material and thus puts itself in a better light.

The light weight of 41 grams is striking, which is hardly to be expected despite the small size. Here, the SSD also benefits from the plastic housing, which hardly carries any weight.

Overall, the SSD is well crafted and appealing in terms of design. So there is no real criticism here. Only the fact that only plastic can be found on the outside reduces the very positive overall impression. However, this makes the low weight possible, which in turn is a clear advantage.

Connection Options

The external SSD is connected via the compact USB-C port. This ensures that the SSD can also be used with the latest notebooks, PCs and smartphones. Unfortunately, it cannot be connected to older computers in this way, but a USB-A adapter is also supplied for this purpose.

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