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XMG NEO 15 Gaming Notebook Review


The XMG NEO 15 offers three different “running modes”. “Balanced”, “Enthusiast” and “Overboost” modes are called them in the manual. In balanced mode, full power is not available to ensure a more balanced battery life. The overboost mode ensures a constant CPU clock, often at maximum load, and of course the fans turn at full speed. It was tested with Prime95.

Differences in temperature between enthusiast mode and overboost mode are so marginal, on average they only differed by 1-2 degrees Celsius. The balanced mode, on the other hand, already brought an average of 5 degrees Celsius less, but with losses in the frame rate, as less computing power is available.


If you want to gamble on the go, you need a large battery. The 62 Wh lithium-ion battery promises at least some stamina, even when it comes to gaming. In battery mode, the performance of any notebook also goes to the basement, of course, and we don’t need to argue about that. But the NEO 15 could convince with 1.4 hours. Gaming notebooks are also not designed for complete mobile gaming.

We were able to perform office tasks for an average of between four and five hours, which was long enough to bridge a train journey with work. We used the “Balanced” mode at full brightness for this purpose, and if the brightness is lowered, we’ll certainly get an hour on top of it.

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