2.2 million euros for routers at Berlin schools


The Berlin Senate wants to remedy the shortcomings at schools, which are the result of a lack of fiber-optic connections, with LTE routers. To this end, 2.2 million euros will be made available to procure 10,000 routers for 600 schools.
Mobile routers as an interim solution
The LTE routers for the 600 schools will then be sufficient for 16 classrooms in each of the schools. The routers will be supplied to the Berlin schools by Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. Both companies will supply 5,000 routers each with unlimited data usage. According to the Senate administration, the routers are intended to be a kind of interim solution for now and just to improve the current hybrid classes.
The chairman of the state parents‘ committee wants to improve hybrid instruction so that „students who stay at home don’t have to be provided with assignment sheets first, but can actually participate in the classroom.“ Education Senator Sandra Scheeres said about the provision of LTE routers, „We provide...