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According to a press release issued by LG, the company’s current 4K OLED televisions will receive a firmware update in the coming weeks, which will include Nvidia G-Sync support. The update will be released for the following devices:

C9 models with 55-, 65- and 77-inch
E9 models with 55″ and 65″

G-Sync was specially developed for gamers and adapts the TV refresh rate to the FPS supplied by the graphics card. Gaming produces a smoother picture without annoying jerks. Neither LG nor Nvidia have yet released details about the supported frequencies. However, we can assume a VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) between 40 and 120 Hz, which is supported by an Xbox One, for example. The LG TVs of the E9 and C9 model series also support up to 120 Hz when connected via HDMI-2.1 at 4K-UHD resolution.
To use G-Sync in conjunction with the LG televisions...
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