With the Predator Cestus 510, Acer introduced a new mouse to replace the then flagship Cestus 500. The Cestus 510 stands out from its predecessor in particular due to an improved sensor and a 4-way mouse wheel.
For the current price of € 73,99, the Cestus 510 is a gaming mouse that combines good features with a special implementation of the built-in buttons. Inside the mouse is a Pixart PMW 3389 with 16,000 DPI and a maximum speed of 400 IPS. The maximum acceleration is not given by Acer, according to the data sheet of the sensor it is 50g.

As usual in the price range, the mouse has some interchangeable elements and RGB lighting. The Omron switches in particular are built in: under each of the mouse buttons there are two different buttons that are specified for 20 and...

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