At the BETT in London, Acer presented the TravelMate B114-21, a device for which the name says it all. Internally, the device is assigned to educational products, so it is aimed at a comparatively young target group who should be able to use it primarily in a school context.
As the name of the laptop already reveals, it is suitable for taking with you and for use on the go. This is ensured above all by the comparatively long battery life of ten hours and the robust design of the laptop. Equipped with an impact-resistant rubber edge and a housing that is highly resistant to environmental influences, the laptop is ideal for everyday use. The device is certified according to the US military standard MIL-STD 810G. It should therefore be able to withstand shocks, blows, extreme temperatures, bad weather and falls from heights of up to 122 centimetres without any problems. The robustness of the device is particularly important for users who want to take it with them every day and use it...
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