Aiwa will certainly not be familiar to everyone, like we are. Although the brand used to be very well known, it has been quiet around it in recent years. That was because it was discontinued after the acquisition by Sony. But now it’s back. The Arc-1 Bluetooth headset seems to give a good picture. We’ll check for you if that’s really true.
Scope of Delivery and Design
There’s not that much in that fancy box. First we see a hardcover bag with the rest in it. Besides the headphones themselves there is also a MicroUSB cable, a 3.5mm jack cable and the obligatory paperwork.

For many, Bluetooth headphones, especially when they are over-ears, must have a simple design. After all, you wear the device on your head, everyone can see it. Large, bulky headphones with a lot of bling bling are eye-catching and like to...
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