Aiwa should be a familiar term among our readers, especially among the older semesters. The company, from which hardly anything was to be heard in the last years, was known and popular particularly in the 80’s as a manufacturer of ghetto blaster and cassette recorders. Quite a few of the unwieldy playback devices were adorned with an unmistakable Aiwa lettering. Some time ago, after years of radio silence, Aiwa returned with a huge Bluetooth loudspeaker that visually reminded of the time of the long outdated ghetto blaster.
But if you want to become nostalgic, you’ll have to take a little hit: The original manufacturer was sold to Sony in 2002 and ceased operations in 2006. In 2013, the brand rights were sold to „River West Brands“, which cooperated with „Hale Devices“. The latter company subsequently renamed itself „Aiwa“ and is responsible for the device we tested.
Nevertheless, the speaker „Exos-9“ is to be understood as an homage to the best Aiwa times. For us, this is reason...