The devices from Apple are also in great demand in times of Corona. The company has not only been able to maintain its profits, but also to increase them. In the last quarter, profits rose to an impressive 11.25 billion US dollars. Considering that Apple stores are closed, this is quite impressive.
Profits despite store closures
Like Amazon, Apple did not have to cope with economic downturns despite Corona. In fact, Amazon and also Apple’s profits increased. While this is not surprising at Amazon, it is a little unexpected at Apple. After all, the Californian company had to close its popular stores. Despite these consequences, Apple was able to record 11 percent higher profits in its quarterly sales. As the company announced on July 30, 2020, it had a turnover of almost 60 billion US dollars.
Analysts did not expect it
Even stock market specialists did not expect this economic development. So the success of...
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