The recently introduced AVM FRITZ!repeater 3000 Repeater is now available for 129 Euro. As a new AVM flagship, the FRITZ! repeater enables 3000 mesh networks, which also make the high data rates of the FRITZ! box 7590 available in large apartments and offices.
The compact housing of the FRITZ! repeater 3000 contains three WLAN bands that enable 400 MBit/s on the 2.4 GHz frequency and 866 MBit/s and 1,733 MBit/s data rates on the 5.0 GHz frequency. The 5 GHz frequency band with 1.733 MBit/s is exclusively reserved for communication between the repeater and the FRITZ!box. There are also two Gigabit-LAN ports on board, which make it possible to connect the FRITZ!box in the classic way by cable.
Also supported is MU-MIMO, which allows Internet use without mutual delays for many simultaneous applications with high data requirements. It also supports AP steering, which ensures that...
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