The „Retro Classic“ from Azio is an exceptional keyboard that stands out not only visually, but also in terms of its features. In a classic typewriter design, it is primarily intended to appeal to friends of classic appliances and retro fans. After the presentation of the device, it received some media attention – the model should also be a real success in sales.
Therefore, we did not take it upon ourselves to take a closer look at the Retro Classic BT. What can the keyboard really do? Is the design really as true to the original and convincing as it seems? Is the device even suitable for practical use? You can read our experiences with the Retro Classic BT from Azio in the following test report.
Design and Workmanship
Once unpacked, the keyboard shines in all its glory. At close range, the Retro Classic looks just as true to the original and genuine as it does on the many press photos, which alternate between astonishment and enthusiasm. The fact...
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