BitFenix has made a name for itself in recent years with PC cases in the lower and middle price ranges. If you want to assemble your own PC, you can’t avoid a case like the one offered by BitFenix. Glass window enclosures are becoming more and more fashionable as they allow a glimpse of the RGB-lit hardware, which regularly brings a smile to the face of PC enthusiasts. BitFenix also made a logical attempt to install a real glass window in a midi tower. With the BitFenix Aurora in black such a device shall now be tested. More information can be found below.
After unpacking the case, it presents itself at first as well processed. The soft-touch surface is less soft than the name suggests. However, this circumstance is due to the fact that she has to endure a lot in everyday life. After all, it should not be scratched or otherwise damaged during cleaning with a conventional cloth. The glass parts that distinguish the BitFenix Aurora reflect quite strongly. But what is...
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