The Munich Regional Court has ruled that Facebook with functions of the apps „WhatsApp“, „Instagram“, „Messenger“ and „Facebook“ violates patents of the competitor Blackberry. The decision is not yet final. However, if it is confirmed or accepted, Facebook must either modify the apps or switch them off in Germany.
The decision was made on December 6. Facebook still has the possibility to lodge an appeal – so it is not yet legally binding. However, the ruling is provisionally enforceable. This means that Blackberry has the option of depositing a certain amount of money as security and thus forcing Facebook to react before a final decision is made. If Blackberry makes use of this option, Facebook must immediately ensure that the functions that are suspected of infringing Blackberry’s patents disappear from the apps concerned. If a decision is ultimately made in favor of Facebook, the security deposited by Blackberry can be used to offset the costs incurred.
Facebook has already...