At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019, Razer demonstrated that compatible devices with Razer Chroma can soon be controlled via Amazon Alexa. The connection is made via the Razer Software Synapse 3.
The voice control from Amazon makes it possible to control gaming products such as headsets, keyboards and mice. The functions include, for example, the following voice commands:

„Alexa, tell Chroma to switch the lights to FPS mode.“
„Alexa, synchronize all lights with my team color.“
„Alexa, tell Chrome to start Overwatch.“

In cooperation with various game developers, further voice commands will be added in the future, which will also enable game-specific commands.
In addition to Razer’s own products, third-party providers such as Philips Hue’s lighting can also be controlled by users using their Razer headset to make voice inputs.
The new Razer Synapse user function will be introduced in the US and...
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