Elgato, acquired by Corsair, presents a new capture card at this year’s CES. The 4K60 S+ is an external capture box that also works without a PC. Even in 4K with HDR.
The company already has several capture boxes in its product range that can also capture in 4K. Up to now, however, these always had to be connected to PCs to be able to record. Instead of forwarding the video signals to another PC, they can simply be recorded on an SD card. The recording of 4K60 HDR10 material can be done without detours.

The recording size is pleasantly small due to onboard HEVC encoding, so that the storage space is not immediately full. With correspondingly large SD cards beyond 1TB storage capacity, you can thus record for days without the memory bursting. Another positive aspect is the delay-free pass-through of the source, so that you can continue to enjoy games from Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro or any other source.
Connected to a PC, the Elgato 4K60 S+ can...