At this year’s CES, Asus presented an impressive notebook with the ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED. It not only scores with a beautiful OLED panel, but also has some practical features on board. For example, the hardware expert relies on an automatic tilting of the second display.
The notebook lives up to its name
It quickly becomes clear how the ZenBook Pro Duo gets its name. Thus, the trademark of the somewhat different notebook is to have two different displays. Next to the main display, there is a second one directly above the keyboard. Asus refers to this as ScreenPad Plus. Particularly practical in the new generation: As soon as you open the notebook, the second display angles itself by 9.5 degrees. This makes it much more comfortable to use than the predecessor. Touch inputs should be easier and reading is certainly easier as well. Another big visual advantage is that the secondary display seems to blend seamlessly with the main screen due to the angle. Asus has thus eradicated the...

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