Currently, wide-ranging Corona regulations remain in place within Germany to help contain the rampant Corona virus. To ensure that all people entering the country are aware of the regulations, the German Federal Ministry of Health has launched a new way of announcing them. Starting today, March 1, 2021, all persons entering Germany will receive a Corona text message.
Component of the Coronavirus Entry Regulation
The legal basis for the SMS is the Coronavirus Entry Ordinance, which came into force on January 14. Its purpose, he said, is to inform all persons entering Germany about the valid regulations on entry and protection against infection. In addition, the general infection protection measures, which are intended to prevent the spread of Covid-19, are to be part of the SMS. Affected individuals will receive the SMS when their cell phone dials into the German mobile network.
Welcome to Germany!
However, you should not look forward to a long pamphlet from German Health Minister...

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