Hardware manufacturer Corsair launches a large CPU air cooler with the A500, which brings it to a height of 17 cm and includes two individually adjustable fans. With this fan, Corsair is again pushing into the air cooler market for processors in addition to its large range of AiO water coolers.
Corsair A500: High cooling performance and space for RAM through technology trick
The performance data of the Corsair A500 give reason to hope for good air cooling: According to the manufacturer’s specifications, processors with a TDP of up to 250 watts should be cooled with it. Four nickel-plated copper heatpipes contribute to this – diameter of the outer heatpipes is 6 mm, the inner ones 8 mm – which have direct contact with the processor via the base plate. The fins are made of nickel-plated aluminium. The cooling capacity is thus sufficient for CPUs with Intel sockets LGA 115x, 2011(-3) as well as AMD FM1, FM2, AM3 and AM4. For AMD Threadripper on socket TR4 or TRX4, Corsair recommends a...