Corsair presented its new headset of the „Void“ series in time for gamescom 2017. We tested the Void Pro RGB USB for you and put it to the test. You can find our opinion about the headset in the text.
The workmanship of the Void Pro looks really high-quality at first glance. Especially the solid metal handle provides quality. The inside of the hanger is covered with a synthetic fibre, which feels very high quality. The auricles are attached to the temple with a plastic joint. The auricles have also been fitted with soft synthetic fibre padding. The microphone is mounted on the left side of the headset and can be folded up if necessary. When folded up, the microphone holds well and does not fall down on its own.

The housing of the ear cups is also very nice. By using matt and glossy surfaces, they make a high-quality impression. On the left auricle...
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