Creative iRoar Go Review: Mobile, Powerful Bluetooth Speaker


Creative’s Roar Series mobile speakers ensure that every output device receives high-quality sound. So you don’t just have a wired companion via jack or USB, but also a powerful sound companion via Bluetooth. After Creative launched the Roar, Roar 2, Roar Pro and most recently the iRoar, the iRoar Go Bluetooth speaker is now available.
Already the first Roar loudspeakers captivate with a rich and powerful sound. With the iRoar Go Creative delivers its own app. You can’t influence the sound indefinitely with this. However, you have the possibility to make individual equalizer settings in addition to the ROAR mode and Tera Bass. At 1.5 l, the iRoar is also slightly larger than all its predecessors. On the other hand, the iRoar Go scores with 1.0 l volume. With this, the new Creative iRoar Go is the smallest Bluetooth speaker.
In contrast to the iRoar, the small Creative iRoar Go does not have all the features. This concerns in particular aptX as transmission protocol or also the...

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