CyberGhost: Use Blocked Facebook at School


In the vast majority of schools in the country, entertainment websites such as Facebook are blocked. If the school has a wireless network that students can connect to, they are only allowed access to certain pages shared by the school. In everyday school life, this leads to restrictions that may be useful in class, but can lead to despair on the part of the student body during breaks and free periods. If the school’s own WLAN network is combined with a jamming transmitter, which makes free access via the mobile network impossible, there is no longer any chance of using Facebook and the like. Or is it?
Bypass Facebook locks via VPN
CyberGhost and similar VPN programs actually make it possible. This allows access to actually blocked websites via detours. The request is no longer routed directly from the device to the website to be opened. Instead, it takes a detour via the virtual private network. The request is forwarded...