As bikers against all rotten humanity in the form of zombies. Days Gone was one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation 4, and we’ll be battling the masses of undead in Farewell, and we’ll have to face a different set of dangers as well. Our bike is always with us.
Farewell in the state of Oregon, USA, the duration of the pandemic can be clearly seen. All facilities and houses are run down and everywhere the so-called freaks swarm. The survivors have united and are fighting for the last resources. You are on your way as Deacon St. John and do all sorts of jobs for the big camps in the area.
More than just pretty
Days Gone is optimized for PS4 Pro, where it also supports 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range – of course only if you have the right TV set. But we play the game on the normal PlayStation 4, where the game looks just as photorealistic, especially the woods are elaborate and real. But also the dead cities and villages are well brought in, because they seem really...

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