With the Inspiron 15 7577, Dell has brought a high-quality gaming notebook onto the market that is supposed to convince with its hardware and the associated performance. The following test, which we subjected the notebook to, will show to what extent this actually works in practice.
The case looks quite familiar, which is due to the proximity to the predecessor models. The new Inspiron notebook stands out clearly from similar devices in purely optical terms. One reason for this is the clear gap between the screen and the base plate, which does not turn out to be disturbing in the test. It enhances the optical quality of the entire device and is, in a sense, one of the optical highlights. The fear that the screen might bounce back due to the gap in typing turns out to be unfounded in the test – the notebook is absolutely stable, which suggests very good workmanship on the part of Dell.
The base plate of the laptop proved to be well processed overall in the test. It...
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