Having a fast Internet in your own home is becoming more and more important these days. Netflix is watched in the living room, at the same time an online multiplayer PC runs on the PC or console and all other technical devices often have a WLAN card. This makes it all the more frustrating when performance slumps or even failures occur repeatedly despite a fast Internet connection via WLAN connections.
The manufacturer devolo wants to remedy this situation and recently introduced a completely new product series. This series is called devolo Magic 2 and is available in various versions. In this review, we are testing the devolo Magic 2 WiFi Multiroom Kit. The adapters included in this package are intended to connect the best of the powerline world (i.e. network via the power socket) to a mesh WLAN, thus eliminating WLAN reception problems once and for all. Whether the € 353,31 expensive kit can live up to these promises and how well the general setup works, you can find out in this...