Earn Money with Twitch? This Is How It Works!


Admittedly, it sounds tempting to earn money from your own computer at home with your personal hobby. Full-time or part-time does not play an important role at first. In the golden age of the Internet many things are possible. Career profiles have developed of which no one would have believed 25 years ago that they would ever exist. No matter whether they are successful influencers, YouTube stars or ambitious (pro) gamers, they use platforms to share content with their fan base. YouTube is probably the best known representative, but the video platform Twitch has also established itself.
We’ll show you how to turn your hobby into a rewarding source of income with Twitch.
Twitch or YouTube? These are the differences.
Of course you ask yourself which platform makes more sense for you. But first of all: Twitch and YouTube are basically two different concepts. The main difference is the provision of content. YouTube focuses primarily on video-on-demand content, which means: shoot...