Speakers are available in numerous sizes. These range from handy small to bulky devices that you can hardly carry alone. Edifier’s R1010BT system is rather the first category: a small 2.0 speaker pair that is probably best suited for the home desk.
Two drivers per loudspeaker are advertised with Bluetooth compatibility: a 106 millimetre woofer with ceramic paper cone, which is probably used as a mid-bass driver, and a 13 millimetre tweeter with silk cone.
Edifier also emphasizes that the cabinet of the Edifier R1010BT is made of 15 millimeter thick MDF and should be a kind of new edition of the R1000TCN speakers. The two systems are at least visually similar: they look almost identical. This test is intended to clarify whether the sound tuning of the loudspeakers is convincing, and what it looks like with the equally important points of workmanship and connectivity.

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