Two current housing trends score points in 2017: Tempered Glass housings and RGB lighting. Both trends are enjoying high demand and more and more producers are joining them. Even Fractal Design, known for its minimalist design, follows this trend with two cases from its Define series. Beside the Define Mini C TG there is now also the Define C Tempered Glass case available.
With the update for the already released Define C-Series, Fractal Design is now able to address interested customers. Whether this update is sufficient, we have tested extensively for you.
Scope of Delivery
The Fractal Design Define C Tempered Glass case comes with a wide range of accessories. The scope of delivery therefore includes the housing:

one instruction
Cable ties
Drive screws
Mainboard screws
Mainboard Standoffs
Microfiber cloth
Power supply screws
Dust filter

must be included.
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