Nowadays a lot of people work on a computer every day. Here you also use your keyboard extremely frequently – for comparison: Exactly 173 keystrokes were required up to the dash. With this enormously high frequency of use, it only seems appropriate to clean the utensil regularly. But how does it actually work? The following text should explain in all brevity and simplicity how a commercial keyboard can be cleaned.
Why is it necessary to clean a keyboard at all?
First of all it should be mentioned that there is no need to clean the device. However, regular cleaning brings advantages on two levels. The first level is purely technical. If dirt, food scraps and other unappetizing things accumulate in the keyboard, this will have a noticeable effect on the functionality of the device from a certain point in time. Keys can jam, the reaction can be delayed and even fail to appear sporadically. After a thorough cleaning of the keyboard, many users are amazed at how well they are able to...
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