How Does NFC Work?


Mobile payment without having to call up an app, data exchange without lifting a finger and many other things are possible today thanks to NFC. But what is it all about? And how does NFC work?
NFC stands for „Near Field Communication“: Near-field communication. This terminology already makes it clear what is at stake. Two devices can communicate with each other at a very short distance. When we talk about communication in the technical field, we usually mean data exchange. This is exactly what NFC is all about. Data can be exchanged between two NFC devices over distances of about ten centimeters.
The fields of application of this technology are very wide. The reason for this is that devices can be made NFC-capable very easily. The manufacturer only has to install a small chip, which is about the size of a one-euro coin, into the device. The device can then communicate with other devices that also have these NFC chips. In addition to smartphones and tablets, many credit and debit...

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