How much does a printer cartridge cost?


Without a doubt, printer cartridges are an everyday commodity that comes with a high cost. But is printer ink really one of the most expensive liquids in the world, or do printer manufacturers simply want to maximize profits? To answer this question, one must first take a look at the cost of printer ink. Achieving uniform results is not that easy. After all, it’s not just the cost of black and color ink that differs. On top of that, the manufacturers themselves also set different prices.
Incredible prices per liter
If one takes a look at the liter prices for printer ink, one falls fast from all clouds. After all, a liter of black printer ink costs just under 2,000 euros. For a liter of colored ink, in turn, you have to spend 8,000 euros. When you consider that this is „only“ ink, these sums really do seem considerable. However, it is misleading to quote prices for ink in liters. After all, a conventional printer cartridge tends to contain quantities in the low milliliter range...

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