Beats has introduced its new in-ear headphones. Features Apple’s technology and is also the most affordable in-ears from Beats to date.
Technically neatly revised
The new in-ears of Beats have been technically revised, so apart from the design they don’t have much in common with the BeatsX. The Flex have a new audio driver with a multi-layer membrane with two-chamber acoustics. The microphone has also been optimized. To reduce the pressure on the ears, the earphones are vented.
As with the AirPods, the earphones are connected automatically when inserting and removing the earphones, so that the magnetic earphones provide an automatic playback and pause function. With the control element on the neckband the playback is controlled, the voice assistant can be activated, calls can be taken and the volume can be adjusted.
The Beats Flex uses the W1 chip instead of the H1 chip from the AirPods Pro. This was already used with the first AirPods from 2016. The battery of the earphones is...

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