IP Protection Classes: The Classification System


IP protection classes are probably not a particularly exciting topic for most people. Nevertheless, sometimes it makes sense to deal with the seemingly confusing combination of letters and numbers. When buying equipment that is to be used outdoors, it would even be foolish to do without it.
But the mere decision to take a look at the protection class usually does not help. Who knows what IP6X means? Or IP23? With this little guidebook we want to shed some light into the darkness and make the cryptic codes understandable.
What does the IP protection class tell you about?
As the designation already indicates, the IP protection class provides information about the protection offered by a technical device. „IP“ also stands for „International Protection“ – the protection numbers are used internationally and are therefore comparable worldwide. Strictly speaking, the term „protection class“ is not the correct term – officially it is „IP protection class“.
This type of protection indicates...

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