After Lenovo presented an AR bundle with Star Wars game last year, he now offers a new AR bundle with Marvel license. The new package will be presented at the IFA in Berlin.
With the new AR headset, Lenovo dares another attempt to establish itself in the gaming sector. The first step into the industry was already taken last year when the manufacturer released an AR headset with a Star Wars license. It didn’t become a bestseller, but Lenovo doesn’t seem to have lost interest in gaming.
Lenovo relies on a dependent headset
The new AR headset is very similar to its predecessor. It is once again a dependent device. Lenovo is taking a different path than the VR pioneer Oculus, which is increasingly focusing on independent headsets that can be used without smartphones or PCs. In addition to the glasses, the Mirage headset comes with a matching controller, various connection cables, a phone tray and a tracking sensor, which can by no means be taken for granted in the AR area...
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