It is now more than a year ago that the manufacturer Lian Li has revived the brand LANCOOL in the form of the LANCOOL ONE. The LANCOOL One had already done well in our test but had a few points that we didn’t like so much. At the end of November 2019 the manufacturer has now presented the second generation of the LANCOOL branded case. The second version is called Lian Li LANCOOL II and in comparison to its predecessor it does completely without aluminum elements. Thus there is more room for other features such as double-sided glass elements, special cable management devices or three pre-installed case fans.
The Lian Li LANCOOL II tested here is painted black and comes with € 109,90 (RRP: 90 €). Beside the black version Lian Li also has a 10 € more expensive white version in its product portfolio. If a purchase of the LANCOOL II is worthwhile and how it performs in general, we will find out for you in the...