It has been a long time since Lancool introduced a new case. Who does not know Lancool, under this name the manufacturer Lian Li offered budget housings some years ago. Especially the Lancool PC-K58 and -K62 were a very popular choice for gaming PCs. The main difference to all other Lian Li cases was the use of steel instead of aluminium. Thus the Lancool housings could be offered cheaper. Lian Li is now reviving this brand in the form of a new product series. The first LANCOOL type scion is appropriately named ONE and is a midi tower. The ONE is available in black, white and gold/champagne. The black version is also available with or without a digitally addressable LED strip in the front.
The Lian Li LANCOOL ONE Digital tested here is painted black and is priced at € 98,93. The manufacturer promotes the case with a high hardware compatibility, a good airflow and through the use of aluminum and tempered glass with an attractive design. Whether a purchase of the LANCOOL ONE is...
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